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Welcome to Better Tomorrows

C A Winkler Counseling Services, Inc.

We are a private therapy practice owned by Carrie A. Winkler and Jamey R. Bailey.

We offer mental health assessment and therapy services for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We strongly believe in a holistic approach to treatment which includes collaboration with medical and other service providers, consideration of all aspects of a person’s life, and an individualized treatment approach. Individualization is necessary as no two people’s experiences are the same, each person may have different needs, and there are individual nuances to each person which may require a unique or different treatment approach.

Choosing to pursue mental health treatment takes a lot of courage and commitment. Congratulations for taking steps to begin the therapeutic process and your journey toward health and healing. We are excited to help you on your journey towards having better tomorrows in your future. We look forward to speaking with and working with you!

Steps to begin your journey.


Referrals can come from individuals themselves, parents or caregivers, guardians, doctors, schools, child welfare agencies, or other service providers. A determination will be made regarding if we would be a good match during an assessment phone call. You can make a referral by phone at (217) 902-1223 or here on our website.

Start Now

Intake appointment.

Once a referral is found appropriate*, an intake appointment will be set to begin the necessary paperwork and mental health assessment.

*We are unable to provide services to those suffering from substance abuse and domestic violence, as well as adult sex offenders. We will provide a referral for where you can receive those services.

Therapy sessions.

The first few sessions are generally focused on assessment, establishing treatment goals, and treatment planning. Then the work begins in individual or family therapy sessions.

You can now pay for services online.

Contact Information

2009 Fox Dr. Suite W.

Champaign, IL 61820


Resources/Crisis Numbers

Better Tomorrows is not able to accept crisis calls, please contact one of the below organizations for immediate assistance. 

Rosecrance Central Illinois Crisis Team's Crisis Line
(217) 359-4141

(serving Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion Counties in Illinois)

(800) 345-9049

(serving anyone under the age of 21 with Medicaid who is needing a crisis assessment)

The Pavilion Behavioral Health System
(800) 373-1700

(can provide assessment for in-patient treatment)